3 Keys To Renting A Bathroom For Your Event

When you are planning an outdoor event of any kind, you need to stay on top of all logistical issues. Access to bathrooms is a very real logistical matter that must be accounted for. In this regard, one of the best steps you can take is to reach out to a company that offers restroom rentals. To get the most out of this sort of rental, read below and apply these principles. [Read More]

Dangers Of Not Having Your Septic Tank Pumped This Winter

One of the biggest concerns of having a full septic tank is raw sewage spilling into your home or on your property. Just because there may be ice and snow outside doesn't mean that you should neglect your home's sanitation system. If you live in the country and don't have city sewer access, you're responsible for having your septic tank pumped frequently to prevent an overflow. Here are some concerns and dangers that could occur if you let your septic tank flow freely during the winter months. [Read More]

Temporary Toilet Solutions You Can Use Until Your New Septic System Is Installed

When your septic system goes, and you have to wait for the repairs or the new system installation, you have to have a backup solution. Even if you live alone, your bodily waste has to go somewhere until your new system is ready for use. The only problem is there are only a handful of viable solutions that are remotely sanitary. Knowing that you also want sanitation to accompany your temporary toilet solution, you have to take a closer look at each option. [Read More]