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Sanitizing Your Dumpsters For "Clean Catch" Refuse: How To Do It

If you are in the business of renting out dumpsters, you know how important it is to keep your dumpsters clean. You will frequently have people jumping into or walking into dumpsters in order to retrieve something that should not have been tossed or placing items carefully inside the dumpsters. Some customers will even want to rent dumpsters for "clean catch" refuse, which is often the siding or other materials that can be recycled and put to good use. For that reason, you should know how to sanitize your dumpsters for these "clean catch" renters.

Pressure-Wash First

The first thing that should be done after a dumpster has been emptied and returned to your facility is a pressure washing with hot water. If possible, add a detergent to the hot water in the pressure washer to help scour off anything really sticky, oily or greasy. Continue to blast the interior sides of the dumpster until they appear free and clear of all substances.


To sanitize a dumpster seems like such futility, but the truth of the matter is that a sanitized dumpster will keep all renters and users from getting sick. Most owners of dumpster rental companies will just use bleach. While bleach is not a bad idea, it is still highly corrosive and can eat through the protective coating on the metal, thereby exposing it to the elements. This causes increased business expenses over time, since you will have to replace dumpsters with rust and holes in them. Instead, use an industrial sanitizer meant specifically for use on painted metal objects and/or dumpsters.


While it is not necessary to deodorize a dumpster, you may want to anyway. Any detergent you may have used in the pressure washer combined with the industrial sanitizer may leave behind a mixed and possibly unpleasant odor. Many industrial cleaning agents and the companies that produce them also produce deodorizers that can be used as follow-up chemicals with their cleaners. These deodorizers neutralize the scents of the cleaners and make the dumpsters smell much better. This proves to be quite useful when you have had some dumpsters for more than five years and they have been on regular rental rotation all that time.

Reserving Certain Dumpsters in Your Inventory for "Clean Catch"

Finally, if you have an adequate number of dumpsters, consider reserving a half dozen or so for the sole purpose of "clean catch" refuse collection. This keeps these dumpsters relatively clean so that you do not have to clean them quite as often if they were in regular rotation with the others. It also helps you keep track of how many dumpsters you have available for "clean catch" and on what days you have them available for rent. Contact a dumpster service, like ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services, for more.