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3 Keys To Renting A Bathroom For Your Event

When you are planning an outdoor event of any kind, you need to stay on top of all logistical issues. Access to bathrooms is a very real logistical matter that must be accounted for. In this regard, one of the best steps you can take is to reach out to a company that offers restroom rentals. To get the most out of this sort of rental, read below and apply these principles. 

#1: Find A Company That Can Rent You The Right Equipment

When it comes to installing rented portable bathrooms, you need to make sure that you have the right company for the job. This is important because they will not only be installing the bathrooms, but the infrastructure as well. You should call them out well in advance to survey your property and make sure that they install the right number of portable bathrooms in a way that is most conducive to the flow of traffic for your event. This way, they can plan accordingly and make sure that you have what you need. Renting a portable bathroom can cost you between $175 and $800 daily depending on the level of sophistication and technology you need from it.

#2: Set Up The Bathroom Area

In addition to renting portable bathrooms, it is critical that you set up the bathroom area around it as well. Doing this will make sure that your patrons can use the bathroom in a way that is safe and that allows for easy flow of traffic. You should install lighting and barriers to prevent accidents and make sure that you have signage in place. You can also prevent slip-and-fall accidents by installing brick pavers leading up to the bathroom, which may cost between $3 and $15 per square foot.

#3: Get Your Guarantees In Order

It is also critical that you cover yourself from a liability point of view. Make sure that you get the necessary insurance for the event to protect yourself in case of equipment failure or accidents. You can also get in touch with the portable bathroom company to make sure that they offer maintenance and service at the drop of a hat should something go wrong with the portable toilet. Read the terms of the contract to make sure you are aware of what sorts of obligations are in place.

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