Where Does Your Garbage Go?

Temporary Toilet Solutions You Can Use Until Your New Septic System Is Installed

When your septic system goes, and you have to wait for the repairs or the new system installation, you have to have a backup solution. Even if you live alone, your bodily waste has to go somewhere until your new system is ready for use. The only problem is there are only a handful of viable solutions that are remotely sanitary.

Knowing that you also want sanitation to accompany your temporary toilet solution, you have to take a closer look at each option.

Get a Shovel and Backwoods It

It is not the nicest option, but it is more sanitary than just dropping your trousers wherever. A short-handled spade is the best tool, and cheap toilet paper or organic toilet paper works well. Digging a hole for your waste takes the most work, but at least you can always wash your hands once you rebury your waste. The organic or cheap toilet paper will biodegrade well with the waste. As long as it is far from your house and no one is there to dig it back up, you can manage until your new septic system is installed.

Portable Composting Toilets

Take several steps up from the caveman toilet and you have a portable composting toilet. You can place this just about anywhere in your home, including your living room if you like to watch football and not leave the room when you have to go. (This is not recommended if you have food with you, however, for various sanitation reasons.)

Keeping it in your bathroom is the best idea because the waste is stored in a pedestal under the toilet where it cannot release noxious fumes. It also will not interfere with the new septic systems installation because it will not clog your permanent toilets or cause them to overflow once your system is in. You can clean the lid and seat just as you would a regular toilet, making it a very clean and healthy choice.

Porta--Potties or Portable Outhouses

Portable toilets rank high on the sanitation guidelines for human waste disposal. Since the men and women who will be installing your new septic system may need to use one of these, having one ahead of time for your own use while you wait just makes sense. They are sanitary from the sense that you never have to clean the seat or bowl yourself, and the companies that rent these out will sanitize them for you each week that you rent one.

During the Duration of Your New Septic System Installation

The whole process can take a few days. If you did not have an alternate toilet solution up to now, you should consider heading to the gym or a gas station for any bathroom breaks you will need. As soon as your septic tank and pipes are all connected, your septic systems expert will let you know it is safe to use your toilets again.

If you have other questions about handling this problem, see what kind of information can learn from someone at a company like Lanik Enterprises Inc.